Sarah Hyland Spills the Secret Reason Why Curly Haired Ladies Should Use Silk Pillowcases and Turbans

Sarah Hyland is a true gem. When she’s not making Us laugh on T.V. or getting refreshingly real about her health on Instagram, the Modern Family star also happens to be a wealth of hair and beauty knowledge. The proof: the actress (who just returned from vacation) posted a video of herself relaxing swathed in silk accessories — and for a good reason! Hyland directed her post to “curly hair girls” saying, “ I have three things for you: eye mask, silk turban, silk pillow.”

As it happens, silk accoutrements are incredibly beneficial for all hair types, but especially curly. Not only do they not strip moisture from the hair, but most importantly, they don’t upset the cuticle of your strands, allowing the hair to remain smooth and sleek — and less prone to breakage. Beyond that, silk pillowcases and eye masks are also beneficial for the skin, helping keep it hydrated and supple. Oh, and sleeping on silk is luxurious too. Shop these silk beauty accessories to get in on Sarah Hyland’s beauty wisdom.

Night Dual Sided Beauty Pillowcase Silk on one side, bamboo on the other for the benefits of silk (smooth hair, moisture retention etc.) but the added bonus of a side suited to your oilier days too.

Hollywood Silk Solutions Pillowcase Not only will this silk number extend your blowout and keep your curls smooth, but it will also reduce sleep creases on your face, bedhead and reduce tugging on your skin if you're a side sleeper.

Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow Not only does the silky covering of this pillow work some hair-maintaining and skin-perfecting magic, but the shape provides clutch head, neck and lumbar support.

Silke London Hair Turban Sweep your strands up in a glamorous turban that keeps your hair cuticle smooth to prevent splitting and breakage due to friction. Long-term use will make your curls more luscious.

Slip for Beauty Silk Sleep Mask Sleep like a you’re a vintage film star with an ultra-luxurious mask that blocks out light and prevents creasing and pulling on the skin in your delicate eye area, keeping wrinkles at bay.

Slip for Beauty Silk Scrunchies Not yet ready to splurge on a pillowcase or a turban? Use a silk scrunchy to keep your blowout perfect and crease-free while you snooze.